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The media industry is undergoing unprecedented changes as content is digitalized and the Internet and mobile technology platforms are expanding at a seemingly exponential rate.  As a result, talent for the media industry is now in high demand.

ProfilerUSA.com is a contingency search firm specializing in the placement of high performance sales and marketing professionals in key jobs throughout the country within the media, advertising and marketing disciplines of the interactive media industry.

We can save you time, money and mistakes.

Our comprehensive national network and extensive database of professionals allows us to complete focused searches on a timely basis and achieve a higher level of success for our Clients.  We find proven leaders with performance skills and experience that sets them apart from the rest.  We recognize the profile of a successful professional in a given discipline and corporate culture, and are able to judge a Candidate's potential performance against this profile.

If you are looking for highly qualified sales and marketing talent in Interactive Media, ProfilerUSA.com is the right choice to find your Candidates.


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